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Beschreibung des Tshepang Programme for Orphans and Vulnerable children

Susan Rammekwa is the Founder and Director of the Tshepang Programme for Orphans and Vulnerable children in Roodeport, City of Johannesburg. This program was started on the 1st March 2006, with no outside support except for her own salary and pension that she had received after resigning from her job as an Assistant Director at the Jhb Child Welfare Society. Ilana Friedman, Magical Fairy godmother & Chief Operating Fairy,
www.magicalmoments.co.za was very instrumental in ensuring that the physical and psychological needs of the children are met. She has been a true friend to the organization through thick and thin and we have a very special relationship with her.
The program’s goal is to ensure that all the children who are its beneficiaries, are afforded the same opportunities as any other child within the community. Ensuring that these children cherish education and see it as a key to their brighter future. All the children in the program live under extremely difficult circumstances, but we believe that we are helping them to develop resilience and the determination to break the cycle of poverty within their home. Our aim is to ensure that every child pursues their goals and aspirations in life through our support.
The activities that direct achievement of our goals are:
Provision of nutritious meals on a daily basis to all the children.
Provision of lunch boxes to High scholars as they do not have a feeding scheme within their school.
Conducting lifeskills programmes, based on a specific theme, one a week.
Homework Supervision.
Counselling the children as well as their families.
Recreational activities once a week, as well as art.
Basic computer lessons for High Scholars.
Activities through play in the toy library to enhance the children's development.
We support all beneficiaries in applying for basic documents needed in order for the children to be able to access the available State grants.

We have a food garden that supplies vegetables to the Programme. This is maintained by the granny's of the children who are in the Programme.
We have a small sewing and bakery which involves 5 community members who are able to earn a small stipend from it.
We are receiving training through the Medical Knowledge Institute from time to time. This training is on basic education on health which will enable the community to take better care of themselves and their loved ones. Information is given out in the form of training of community members and children on issues such as Gastro infections, Nutrition, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, etc.
The Programme has provided employment to 26 people who are responsible for different activities within the Programme.
The main funder is the Department of Health and Social Development. Their funds are specifically for the running costs of the Organisation and for food at the Programme. We are thus not in a position to help the children with their needs nor that of their families, outside of the Programme.

Was tut HIV-Waisenkinder e.V hier?

Unter diesem Programm hilft HIV-Waisenkinder e.V. seit März 2012 6 Halb- oder Vollwaisenkindern in Johannisburg, die aids-infiziert sind oder deren Eltern an Aids gestorben sind, täglich die Schule zu besuchen und ausreichend Nahrung zu erhalten. In der Tabelle sind die einzelnen Bereiche und Werte in Rand für ein Jahr aufgeschlüsselt. Wir beabsichtigen, dieses Projekt über mehrere Jahre zu finanzieren. Wir kontrollieren, soweit wie möglich, dass die Gelder auch den Kindern voll zugutekommen werden.
Wir werden darüber an dieser Stelle berichten.

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Tony R1000 R500   R200 R500 R2000
Mothusi R1000 R500   R250 R500 R2000
Joshua R1000 R500   R250 R500 R2000
Sibongile R1000 R500   R250 R500 R2000
Sibusiso R1000 R500 R1000   R500 R2000
Siphumle R1000 R500 R1000   R500 R2000

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